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'Me & Munich' 🇩🇰 - 'Postponing the Past' (Album)

I featured Green Sky Accident a couple of days back, and another band that I've never forgotten is Me & Munich, partly again because of the name, which might be incorrect grammatically but not half as annoying as artists who put symbols, numbers and random punctuation marks into their names.

I last wrote about them in 2020, they're a 4 piece band from Aarhus & Rutland, and their last album was entitled 'gaslighting', a follow up to an EP in 2018 and they've previously listed influences such as Pixies, Sonic Youth and Husker Du, which is always good to hear - I saw Bob Mould play a solo gig a couple of weeks back and it slightly despaired me that I had to explain to people who he was.

Anyway Me & Munich are far noisier than Green Sky Accident and actually their music has a bigger, more produced sound. It opens as it means to go on, with ‘Godspeed’, and these guys write a good rock song, with beastly guitars, an anthemic chorus and lyrics I can actually decipher. They keep the momentum with 'Unspoken' and the slightly darker sounding 'Out of Luck', but it still has a catchy chorus and they show that side of things even more in 'Keep the Pain'.

They do change the pace for a few tracks, notably 'Shadows Unfolding' and concluder 'A Curse in your Ocean', and both of those I really like, but it’s actually ‘The Broken are the Most Evolved’ which appeals to me most, dark, brooding, with a huge guitar riff and building to a decidedly angry sounding chorus - it’s a really well written song.

Listening again to their debut album 'Gaslighting' it certainly had a couple of great tracks, notably 'Radical', but actually 'Postponing the Past' does sound like a more coherent release, more driven, intense, and more all consuming as a noise rock album. It's true that means it’s pretty relentless at least for the 1st half, but the slight adjustments in pace and direction keep it interesting and I’ve simply really enjoyed listening to it from start to finish,

Find them on Facebook.


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