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Melby (Sweden) - ‘Somewhere New’ (single)

Remember the days of cinema double features, when your local movie theatre used to show two consecutive films on a Saturday afternoon or evening? In the days before jetpacks and robots doing housework? Well not really because I was still too young (honest) but after featuring Per och Olof we’ll go for a double bill, as Swedish band Melby are not only on the same record label Rama Lama Records, but they like to release slightly leftfield indie guitar tracks that are different from the norm.

Being completely honest here, new song ‘Somewhere New’ didn’t knock me over on 1st listen, maybe because it’s a complex substantial song at close to 6 minutes long, but listen a few times and the meandering chorus melody will slowly get under your skin. Instrumentally too the band are developing the skill of being able to head through the gears with some subtle (and not so subtle) changes of pace and dynamics, and the new track builds to a twisting labyrinthine conclusion, which must be good fun performed live.

Trying to position them isn’t easy, as they’re part indie pop, psychedelic, dream, indie rock and maybe even folk pop too, but they always write and perform in a such a distinct Melby style that you’d recognise the band even if you hadn’t heard the song previously. Unless you’ve never heard Melby at all. Obviously. This is is all helped by singer Matilda Wiezell’s quirky and charming vocals, which are always great to listen to.

I really enjoyed their album ‘None of this makes me worry’ in 2019, but the new tracks are showing just how much they’re developing as a band.

Find them on Facebook and Instagram.


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