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Miscél - ‘A Rusty Kingdom’ (inspired by The Outlaw Ocean Project)

One of the Nordic contingent who’ve already released music inspired by The Outlaw Ocean project is the young Norwegian producer Jakob Eines, who writes under the name Miscél. He’s a multi talented musician, making his name at an even earlier age as part of the duo Nauuda, who had their  music featured on BBC Radio 1, a fact we’d have known if only we’d listened to the station in the last couple of decades.

Under his solo project Miscél he’s been fairly prolific in the last couple of years, with EP's already this year that include ‘The Other Side’ and most recently a 4 track release entitled ‘Threads’. Just a month previously in June he released ‘A Rusty Kingdom’, the title of which is taken from a chapter in the Outlaw Ocean book, which tells the story of the British ex Major who bought a floating tower for his wife that became the renowned independent kingdom of ‘Sealand’. 

Writing about ‘A Rusty Kingdom’, Miscél says ‘’I want my music to convey hopefulness and the bittersweet. The ocean is so vast and unknown, and it is a place full of crimes, unexplored territory and harshness that is not to be underestimated. But the stories of Sealand and the Adelaide show that the ocean can also be a place of refuge and safety, which brings me happiness and promise.’’

After the ‘Intro’, where audio snippets of the book accompany the gentle beats , Miscél offers the track ‘E Mare Libertas’, which is the motto of Sealand (and incidentally the title of their ‘national anthem’), with a piano theme that is upbeat, adventurous and a little playful too, but contrasting against the sounds of waves hitting the shore.

Miscél is in a more reflective mood in ‘The Lone Patrol’, again minimalist in its form, he gently fuses together piano, beats and audio from the book in a way that is really listenable and engaging. There is nothing too jarring or dominant sounding in the release, I guess he’s trying to convey the vastness of the oceans and the small part that we play in it. 

Find out more about him on Instagram, and for more about the project please visit:


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