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Miss Nöyd (Norway) - ‘I Guess You’re My Man’ (single)

There’s probably not quite as many new releases today as last Friday, but this one from Miss Nöyd is certainly interesting, and it’s the debut studio release too from the Norwegian musician.

She’s based now in Berlin, but grew up in the incredible Lofoten Islands, and in terms of her influences she says she draws inspiration from “the soft present touch of OkayKaya, the raw spirit of Susanne Sundfør and the trembling confidence of Courtney Barnett”. It’s a pretty enticing mix, and ‘I Guess You’re My Man’ demonstrates not only the breadth of those influences, but just how versatile her vocals are too.

I was intrigued too by the title, which to me has different meanings according to how you emphasise the words, which immediately had me listening to the lyrics to try and piece it all together. She describes it as reflecting ‘‘on the notion that perhaps seeking perfection in love is delusional. The turbulence between the different ideas of love creates a sense of uncertainty that is honest and familiar.’’

And the title of the song suddenly makes sense when she hits the last line, because of the outpouring of emotion and honestly in the lyrics leading up to it.

But its also the music that’s enticing too, I think in the main that’s due to the clever instrumentation, really effective bass and drum contributions, where the silences are almost as important as the sounds. But then it develops into a power ballad, where Miss Nöyd’s vocals are really allowed to take centre stage – and they’re really impressively soulful and persuasive.

Take a listen here.

You can find her on Instagram and Facebook, and a big shout to her musicians too, which include Brage Tørmænen and previously NMR featured Captain Sukram.

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