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Misty Coast 🇳🇴 - ‘The End of the Beginning’ (single)

I'm supposed to be focussing on albums and only writing about one single each week, but I just had to share the new single 'The End of the Beginning' from Norwegian duo Misty Coast, because it is without question 'a banger'.

It's a phrase I rightly avoid using, and shoegaze indie doesn't normally lend itself to those type of descriptions, but it balances a dreamy, atmospheric backdrop with an almost anthemic type chorus, all of course led by Linn Frøkedal's gorgeous and beautifully distinct vocals.

The duo consisting of Richard Myklebust and Linn Frøkedal were originally probably better known for their involvement in the equally fabulous Megaphonic Thrift, and the new Misty Coast single is the 1st of a set of 6 that they plan to release over the winter months, and ahead of an album to be released later next year. Here they team up with producer Matias Tellez who produced their 1st 2 albums, as well as being joined on drums and percussion by Kim Åge Furuhaug.

The single is apparently a 'nostalgia trip, where we reminisce back to a time when it was ok to be naive and live in the present'. And it's led to a lovely early Friday evening listening to the Misty Coast back catalogue, a reminder that their great collection of tracks suggests how live performances must be pretty special.

They're certainly a band I've always wanted to see live, and hopefully I'll get chance as they're heading over to London on December 2nd to play at the Victoria Dalston, a fine venue for up and coming indie bands.

And if you like Linn Frøkedal vocals, which clearly everyone does, she's also featured again on the brand new Major Parkinson single, 'Live Forever', which was released today and which I haven't yet listened to because it needs to be enjoyed accompanied only by a finest Cuban cigar and French brandy - although given I don't smoke or drank spirits I'll settle for a cup of tea instead.

Anyway look forward to future singles, and that gig in London if I can make it down there for a night.

Find them on Facebook and Bandcamp.


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