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Moron Police - Cult of Tuna (bonus unreleased track)

The artists we’ve featured this week have covered some pretty serious subjects, from suicidal trichotomies to analysing Nietzsche quotations and The Holy trying to solve every world issue possible within 4 minutes.

So to balance things up, here’s a slightly silly song about tuna.

It’s courtesy of our favourite Norwegian anime rock progressive pop metal enthusiasts Moron Police, who received a heart warming and well deserved response to their fundraiser campaign to cover a vinyl release of last years album ‘A Boat On The Sea’ – one of our 2019 Albums of the Year. The new song is a ‘bonus’ track that the band wrote a while back but have released as a result of that successful vinyl campaign.

I think it’s fair to say that Moron Police are a band who never take themselves too seriously, but their lyrics are often pointed and have darker undertones, and ‘Cult of Tuna’ of course isn’t exactly a song about tuna, as the band explain. “It’s loosely based on Raelism, which is a very strange quasi-sex cult that believes in aliens founded by all-round crazy man, Claude Vorilhon.”

Anyway the track is a huge, sweeping ballad that will have you all sitting at home waving your mobile phone flashlights in synchronised virtual harmony towards an invisible stage. I love listening to the keyboard parts in Moron Police, and this is no exception in the early parts of the track, but then Cult of Tuna builds with huge sounding arrangements that are just missing a 120 piece symphony orchestra and a brass band.

I get why this didn’t quite fit into the original album but it’s entertaining stuff, the only downside being the Spotify algorithms insisting that I want to listen to Leprous afterwards. I really don’t ever want to do that.

When this nonsense is all over, I really hope that Moron Police can make it to the UK and do some gigs, it would be great fun.

Find them on Facebook, Instagram and less often on Twitter.

It's also a good excuse to feature more of that amazing Moron Police artwork, which was designed by Dulk, whom you can find here. Also don't forget that one of our other favourite Norwegian bands Pom Poko have released a single this week, check it out here.


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