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Murky Munroe - 'Eve' (EP)

I’ve written about Danish / Iranian musician Mazdak Khosravi a few times previously, originally when he was part of the Black Dog Howl duo and in his own right when he released his debut Murky Munroe song a few months back. Under his new moniker he’s been working on an EP alongside some great Danish musicians, and that’s finally released today – it’s simply entitled ‘Eve’.

It almost doesn’t seem right writing about and listening to Murky Munroe on a fresh Friday morning in springtime, because his distinctive style is so made for a dark bar from 40 years ago, performing in the corner surrounded by a few empty whisky glasses or beer bottles - and I say that simply because that sounds like such a great place to be. Vocally his voice is so deep that he makes Jon Ivar Kollbotn from Major Parkinson sound like a choirboy, and the combination of Gothic / Danish Noir / Persian influences make the whole thing undeniably unique.

But whilst the backdrop is undeniably dark, ‘Eve’ is actually quite a beautiful sounding EP, helped along by the Who Killed Bambi string quartet who open up ‘Fresno’ with a gentle subtlety, and there is a swinging style to the melody and vocals that gives the track a momentum and purpose – and dare I suggest, even a hint of jollity. ‘I’ll Let You In’ employs a similar rhythmic style, but slightly more upbeat still, sliding strings and I particularly like the instrumental intervention at the end of the song.

For me, however, ‘With the Snow’ steals the show, a melancholy track with suitably sombre string accompaniment, thoughtful lyrics and maybe a hint of eastern musical influences. ‘Wolves’ returns to the swinging style that we’re used to from ‘Murky’, but I love the subtle hints of instrumental support, a trumpet firstly, maybe an accordion, it all just adds to that feeling I’m in an underground music club late at night, contented and maybe not entirely sober.

I guess such a distinctive sound may not be for everyone, but I really like the contrasts here between those deep gravelly vocals and sumptuous strings, along with the variety of musical influences and styles. And as I've probably said before about his music, it's not actually 'murky' at all. As well as being an interesting and innovative EP full of character, ‘Eve’ is simply quite gorgeous in places and I really hope it gets the attention it deserves.

Find him on Instagram or Facebook.


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