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Nü Fiona 🇸🇪 - ‘For The Ones I Love’ (single)

So here’s a lovely track from Swedish indie folk band Nü Fiona, undeniably a bit sad, but I guess most of the stuff we write about is.

We haven’t featured them before, but they’re based around singer, composer and guitarist Isabelle Norén, who’s described as a ‘vagabond street musician’ (I like that straight away),and in Nü Fiona has joined together with a group of old friends, Malte Zeberg (double bass), Jonathan Kabell (drums) and Tulda Nielsen (violin and vocals). On this single they’re also joined by Alexandra Nilsson on Cello.

For the Ones I Love’ is the 1st single from the bands 3rd EP, and it’s actually a substantial yet personal track which has a number of phases to it, always melodic, with nice harmonies and well judged lyrics.

It’s the story behind it which is so sad, but it’s really beautifully expressed and phrased, which I think is what makes it so convincing, as the band explain: “The song tells of a soul after leaving its young human body. The story of how it takes new forms, such as the wind, the singing of birds and the rain. Always staying close by, letting its loved ones know that everything is just the way it should be. Just as considerate and caring now as she was in life.”

In the last section the song launches into a really powerful, and distinctly Nordic phrased section, which really completes the track, brings everything together and should leave you with a feeling of optimism.

Find them on Facebook.


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