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NMR Indie Playlist 03/10

This weeks NMR Indie Playlist has had a sizeable update of new songs, and it has a real indie feel to it too.

I’ll try and separate out the tracks by country, hopefully with not too many mistakes…:

Firstly from Finland we’re delighted to welcome Flush, a noisy pop band with an always welcome anti-fascist message, the explosive ‘Weak and Wrong’, from their forthcoming EP ‘Conspiracies, Threats and Chaos’. Fellow Finnish songwriter Viti meanwhile has released a delicate and moving electro pop song entitled ‘Lukinkalvon päällä‘, a collaboration with producer Oona Kapari, which she originally wrote whilst her mother was in a coma two years ago. We also welcome Brother Alfred and alternative rock band Riutta, who’ve released an excellent EP entitled ‘Enne‘ that I’d love to come back to if I have chance.

From Denmark it’s a warm welcome back for the previously featured Code Elektro and Total Hip Replacement, whilst RKDIA are also included with the title track from their recent album, and a new name to NMR, trio D.HENRY, are included with their song ‘Focus’. Meanwhile idaBjörg (I think) is half Danish and half Icelandic, and I’m delighted to include her powerful song ‘You Make Me Proud to be A Woman’.

My favourite release of the week probably comes courtesy of Norwegian artist Døssi, a real favourite of NMR with her brand new track ‘Time Will Heal Her’, and also included are releases from Sweetheart, Grand Alpaca, Silja Sol and Lokoy in his collaboration with Michael Paskalev with the song ‘Why Don’t You Like Me’.

Over in Iceland the collaboration between Sin Fang, Sóley and Örvar Smárason has resulted in another new track, this time the gorgeous ‘Lake With No Name’, whilst the musician behind Sin Fang has also been active under his own name Sindri Már Sigfússon, and a track I can find very little about entitled ‘Start the Car’. Even more mysterious (but very welcomed) is the return of Mono Town, who are remaining tight lipped about their release ‘Time, Vol 1’, and I’m really looking forward to getting to know it better over the next week. It’s also lovely to introduce 3 different Icelandic artists in Ateria, with their track Afleiðingar, Oddweird with a release from a couple of months back entitled ‘The Hepcat Ate the Jitterbug’, and a nice song from LÓN – a project led by Valdimar Guðmundsson of Valdimar.

As always there are plenty of releases from Sweden too, so in no particular order I’ve included Composer Mårten Landström, from his ‘Water and Earth’ piano EP, Carnation Blue, Flora Cash, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Wildhart, Spunsugar (from their new EP ‘Things that I confuse’) Från Mars, quartet Hux Flux (from their ‘Banana Brain’ EP), a lovely track from Paula Jivén, French born but Swedish based Alba James and a collaboration which includes Australian Piotr Nowotnik and Swede Violina Juliusdotter amongst others.

More next week. Hopefully.


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