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NMR Indie Playlist 04/09

So what’s new?

This weeks update to the NMR Playlist includes a mix of tracks released yesterday, plus a few that have emerged from later on in August.

Firstly it’s great to get a new release from Trondheim Indie Band Onsloow, as they follow up their hit 'A Day to Forget' with another high energy song 'Being With You', whilst Tromsø band A Million Pineapples have joined with Team Me to release an even more upbeat track entitled ‘Crowd in the Middle’.

A trio of Icelandic releases has reached me, with Asgeir releasing his new EP ‘The Sky is Painted Gray Today’, but I’m fascinated with ‘Keysa / Bremna’ by Róshildur, whilst it was ‘love at first listen’ with indie band Supersport! and their track 'Lag í partýi (Reykjavík!)', ahead of their new album which is imminent.

Swedish band Pink Milk build up to the release of their new album with ‘Here Comes the Pain’, whilst Two Year Vacation build up to an October EP with the less dark 'Majored in Broken Hearts'.

Missing a Moddi track is clearly an unforgivable error, so Omnan Går is belatedly added, as is Marianne Sveen with 'Right as Rain', and some bonus additional tracks from Frøkedal that follow on from her recent album have been released, including the lovely ‘Dreamer’.

Swedish songwriter Ollie Lundgren, influenced by 20th century poets, has released a nicely arranged melancholy track entitled 'Västgötsk vaggvisa (Den gula knuten)', whilst the list also has new releases from Astral Brain, Bellman, The Here Todays, Kælan Mikla, Pelicat, Monstereo and a new one from Norwegian duo Hrada, which replaces an older track I had on the playlist.

Have I missed anything? Is Abba Indie?

There will be a new update next week. Hopefully.


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