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NMR Indie Playlist 12/09

Busy week for releases, so the NMR Playlist is packed full of new tunes for you to try.

Firstly two indie tracks from Aarhus in Denmark, with ‘YGI’ from Twin Dive and their always intense sounding guitars, whilst debutants The Slow Scare have emerged with their 1st song ‘Scream (All You Want)‘ - really looking forward to finding out more about this duo.

Over in Finland there’s been a cluster of releases, so there’s another new track from Astrid Swan ahead of her new album, Arosa Ensemble from their EP ‘Silver’, Sibelius University graduate Emma Raunio from her new album ‘Mind & Matter’, Helsinki duo Final Girl and a very welcome return for NMR favourite Laura Moisio.

New track ‘Strange Days’ from Icelandic / Russian duo Pale Moon is a real favourite, whilst fellow indie bands Rome Is Not a Town and Spunsugar also have new songs, as do Swedish band Veiv, with a raw live version of ‘Andréa’s Driving the Car’, recorded Live at Studio Möllan.

I really like the new Siri Birk EP ‘Ending’, and there’s also folk influenced tracks from Norwegian band Windmill & Giants, Louise Weseth, Danish artist everBear and HORRSE, the project of Faroese musician Ragnar Finsson,

Icelandic duo heró (Helena Hafsteinsdóttir and Rósa Björk Ásmunds) appear on the list for the first time, as do Paul Bäcklin, Yndling, Velvet Volume, From Scratch, and Orlando Hotopf, whilst Danish musician trentemøller returns again with another new one entitled ‘In the Gloaming’.

A couple of tracks from recent months have also been added, with the outstanding Norwegian quarter Veps featuring from their EP ‘Open the Door’, and ‘Building Skyscrapes’, my favourite track from the recent Dobbeltgjenger album ‘Smooth Failing’.

More updates next week….


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