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NMR Indie Playlist Update!

It’s been a pretty impressive start to the year for new release, particularly for albums, with Danish songwriter Gurli Octavia knocking us flat with her album ‘I Could Be Blossoming Instead’, Norwegian band Pom Poko doing what they do with their album ‘Cheater’, and Sturle Dagsland doing what no-one else does with his extraordinary self-titled offering - I’ll be writing more about that tomorrow.

There’s clearly some really good albums on their way too, if new singles from Ceasetone and Dobbeltgjenger are anything to go by, whilst Frøkedal is always a real favourite at NMR - it’s great to see her back.

How we haven’t written about Anna Leone previously is somewhat of a ‘miss’ on our part, but we tried to rectify that and ‘Once’ makes the new list, whilst it was lovely to introduce Kid 2 and Miss Nöyd too.

Not featured in the NMR pages, but included on the playlist are the likes of Teniak, the side project of Finnish media composer Viktor Hurskainen, who is now based in London.

We'll update the playlist again next month!


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