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  • David Bentley

Non-Nordic Sunday – Anna Kairos: All About Love (single)

It’s very unusual to feature a ‘Non-Nordic’ artist twice in a short period of time but this latest track ‘All About Love’ from Anna Kairos (Germany) is so much more in keeping with her traditional style than the previous song that we hosted a couple of months back.

She’s unique and I use that word in the fullest sense because I don’t know anyone who sounds remotely like her in the way she plays extensive and dense piano around the lyrics, especially what you hear around the 4:50 mark when it sounds like ‘piano four hands’. Letting the music determine the emotions arising from sparse lyrics is a neat idea that seems to work better for her every time she writes one of these. And the vocal contribution is getting better too, as is clear in the siren-like section from 6:30 onwards.

I said earlier she doesn’t sound like anyone else but I make an exception for the opening part of the song when the vocal delivery is very reminiscent of Danish ‘Sound Mother’ Lydmor in her aggressive questioning persona. And that is a complement.

The song was completed in one take.

Anna Kairos is working on her debut album which I understand should be out later this year. Ever since I first came across her a couple of years ago I’ve been convinced that this young lady, a deep thinker and philosopher despite her tender years, is a future star once that album is in circulation.

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