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Non Nordic Sunday: Suave Martyrs - ‘Footsteps’ (single)

I think it’s the 1st time we’ve headed home to Manchester for our Non Nordic Sunday feature (although I guess Army of Moths are almost partly Manchester based), and it’s to feature an indie band who are definitely making an impression with a sound that fuses together everything from west coast rock, to classic ‘Madchester’, psychedelia and even in this latest track, some gothic sounding guitars. This is ‘Suave Martyrs’.

Their 1st gig was even a little special, supporting Alias Kid at a sold out gig at my favourite venue the Deaf Institute (which tragically is closing, surely only a temporary thing right?), before releasing their first single ‘Man About Town’, followed up by ‘Partyman’.

New single ‘Footsteps’ appeals to me more than any of their releases to date, and I think it’s the guitar sound which does it, and it drives along at pace too, with a catchy chorus hook, groovy drumbeat and yet it still has enough murkiness / darkness to give it a little edge.

Must sound great live, it’s no wonder these guys were one of the ‘hot’ new bands to see before Covid struck.

They haven’t had many plays on Spotify yet, but they’re clearly a favourite with the indie music blogs, and this latest track featured in the always on the mark ‘Louder than War’.

Check out ‘Footsteps’.

Visit them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Photo by Matt O'Donovan.


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