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  • Andy

Nordic Music Review Playlist Update 08/02/2023

Another 2 weeks have gone, so definitely time for an update to the Nordic Music Review Nordic Indie Playlist. Tomorrow we'll have a special Indiefjord interview / feature, which I'm too excited about for words.

Anyway additions to the playlist this week include Resa Saffa Park, who is now Oslo based after her time up the road in Liverpool, whilst we introduce a new name to Nordic Music Review, Swedish band DIRTY MARY, who describe themselves as a 'folk grunge' duo and whom have just emerged this year with 2 new singles. Elsa Åborg was our Single of the Week last week, whilst favourites Dobbeltgjenger return with 'Genghis Khan'. Mary Anne's Polar Rig release 'It Goes', ahead of their debut album, whilst there's a hint of Arch Garrison (if you know, you know) in Swedish DIY project 4kolon3, with track 'Like a Bird'.

Skott is always welcomed on these pages, as are The Legends / Club 8, the Swedish projects who regularly pop up with a new single, whilst it's a welcome return for Post Rock band Weal, previously featured Soap Detox, Code Elektro (we'll do a short thing on the new album), Danish dream rock band Blaue Blume, Swedish but London based duo Glashus and Aasma, ahead of her new album 'Campfire'.

Finally a warm welcome to 'death-pop' artist TULLE, Freja the Dragon (check out her new EP) and NOHRLAND, a lovely Danish band who describe themselves as 'progressive Nordic folk'.

Apologies as always for any typos, spelling and nationality errors! Tomorrow we head to Indiefjord.


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