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  • Harri

Ocean of Lotion 🇳🇴 - 'Skinny White Pants' (single)

If you’re feeling a bit dry and rough, then the best suggestion I have is to be “moisturized” with Ocean of Lotion’s latest single, 'Skinny White Pants', coupled with a brand new video released just yesterday.

Starting off with a beat so universally “familiar” you can’t help but bop your head to,

'Skinny White Pants’ mission has already been fulfilled before the song barely

begins. The Norwegian band (with some members also having played a part in Major Parkinson,Dobbeltjgenger, and Blakk) has been around since 2012. They've only

released one album since then, but whilst Andy takes a detailed listen to their 2nd (released last week), Ocean of Lotion have released what I can only describe as a 'banger'.

'Skinny White Pants' is simply an absolute groove-fest that'll have you bopping from the get-go. With a lively blend of indie, alternative rock and pop, the track takes you on a sonic dance beat session, with an infectious rhythm, searing guitars, and compelling, catchy vocals that would make it the perfect summer anthem for any rock indie music fan, if we weren't heading deep into winter.

The lyrics, while seemingly light-hearted, hide a layer of introspection - although honestly, it’s one of the songs with instrumentals so good they could get away with saying gibberish and still make it a hit. The production is crisp, and the overall sound is just so darn fun that you can't help but hit repeat, surely appealing along the way to fans of anywhere between Queen, Aerosmith, Kings of Leon or any psych, indie, alternative rock or pop band.

Watch the video, stream on your favourite music platforms, and we definitely recommend the album, even if we haven't actually reviewed it yet.


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