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Onsloow 🇳🇴- ‘Overthinking’ (single)

We’ve featured so many artists from Trondheim, so no surprise to see a new Indie band emerge from the same city. Onsloow are a 4 piece band that clearly have big plans, with a debut album already planned in August. They’ve given us a hint of that release with the single ‘Overthinking’.

This is catchy indie music, and with the inflexion in singer Johanne’s vocals, they do sound like a band that could have emerged from the 90’s American indie guitar scene. Power pop or teen rock, either way I love both the melodies and vocals, whilst the guitars really open up powerfully in the latter stages.

Onsloow tell us that “The song is about when meaninglessness takes up to much of your time, and it is hard to focus about those things that really matter in life”.

Definitely rock aimed at teens then, if they can be bothered to listen, but I still like it too. Looking forward to the album.

Find them on Facebook.


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