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Orphan Songs - ‘The Full Moon Rise’ (single)

We come across some pretty multi-talented artists here at Nordic Music Review, but not sure we’ve come across anyone with such a diverse musical artistic background as Swedish musician Carl-Otto Johansson, or Orphan Songs as he’s known in this particular guise.

Previously he’d released 2 acoustic albums, Orphan Songs (2008) and Speaking Out (2015), which are both available on streaming services, both nicely written melodic albums which I’ve enjoyed dipping into today, although more recently Carl-Otto has concentrated on his other musical passion, writing children’s songs.

I had no idea just how successful he’d been too, as he predominantly writes and produces dinosaur songs as the widely popular Daddy Donut (in English) and Pappa Kapsyl (in Swedish). If you’ve got children check them out, they’re brilliant. In fact if you haven’t got children check them out anyway, just for their addictive melodies and inspired lyrics. Here goes:

“I took my Brontosaurus to the mall in the fall, to do some shopping

We went into a store but they said

“What are you doing? Get him out of here!”

So I said: He needs a fifty feet scarf and a pair of super duper long XXXXXL underwear...

... It’s not easy you know, shopping for a Brontosaurus.”

Anyway as much as I’d quite happily write about Daddy Donut all night, I really should be writing about the new Orphan Songs single, which is entitled ‘The Full Moon Rise’, and has a distinct indie dream pop feel. Particularly impressive are Johansson's smooth deep vocals, which resonate through any gaps in the instrumental sound, and once again he demonstrates that he can write effortlessly pleasing melodies in pretty much any style he chooses.

The notes suggest influences from David Lynch and Cigarettes after Sex, both of which I can hear pretty clearly.

Check him out on Facebook as Orphan Songs, and you can find Daddy Donut here.


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