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  • David Bentley

PAPILLS – 'Too hot for May' (single)

Perhaps Sweden’s PAPILLS know something about ‘climate change’ that we don’t. ‘It's too hot for May’ they sing, but it’s only April.

The main reason for including this song is the same as for Feelium and The New Investors over the last few days; it’s bright, tuneful, and catchy and is packed to the gills with feel good factor. Just what the doctor ordered.

The band is from Växjö in the south of the country and describe themselves as ‘Indie alternative garage rock revival rock'n'roll.’ Influences are The Beatles, Mando Diao, Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes and, in general, the most colourful indie rock of the 90’s. I certainly get the Arctic Monkeys connection. The single is the title track of PAPILLS’ forthcoming debut album, to be released worldwide on April 24th.

They say "We’re proud of not being part of the greasy heavy metal scene that dominates our local region. Together with our partners in crime we now look forward to finally achieve the global success we deserve!"

They were signed in 2018 to a well known Swedish indie label, COMEDIA, through which they released their first single, ‘Played’. In 2019 it was followed by ‘The Morning View’ and ‘Happy Fish’, which gained interest from Osaka based label Rimeout Recordings, which will release PAPILLS’ album on CD (featuring two exclusive bonus tracks) in Japan.

PAPILLS has also been recognised in the USA. Last year the band signed a worldwide publishing deal with the Los Angeles based Urband and Lazar Music Publishing, whose roster includes PAPILLS’ favourite band The Kooks, rap superstar Lil Wayne and English-Swedish indie rock band Razorlight among others.

Band members are Eric Frogemar, Sebastian Kömmits, Olle Drugge and Anton Hedvall. I don’t know who the vocalist is; I thought it was a female at first but that’s merely an observation, not a criticism, the vocal is quite appealing whoever sings it.

Here they are on Facebook.


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