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Pastis - new single 'Stars and Marmalade' PLUS Interview!

We’ve featured Finnish band Pastis a few times in the last couple of years, most notably when they released their album ‘Circles’, a catchy indie guitar album packed full of great Britpop / British indie inspired songs – the type of album I really wouldn’t be able to pick one favourite track from if I was asked.

Anyway they’re back already with a new song entitled ‘Stars and Marmalade’, released just a few hours ago and it’s yet another timeless indie ‘classic’ from the band, with a huge anthemic chorus, that I promise you’ll be singing along to, whether you really want to or not.

Lyrically it has some warm inclusive messages too, opening with ‘’Catch the wave of your calling sun / There's room out there for everyone / Come from any nation / That's an invitation’’, whilst the theme of Marmalade is an inspired memorable phrase. In fact, the song was partly inspired by Paddington, which is lovely - read our interview below.

We spoke to the band about the song, football and of course Marmalade.

NMR: Hi, thanks for your time today, how are you getting on in these strange times?

''Music and the band feel more important than ever as a way to escape the madness. Mostly we were worried about the lack of football, but at least we’ve managed to fulfil our gambling needs through eSports and Swedish horse racing.''

NMR: You mention football already, we know there is a football connection with how the band started and as followers of lower league football at NMR we need more detail - which football teams were involved?

''We’re all HIFK supporters except for Kalle who supports Tampereen Ilves. Both teams struggled in the noughties but found their way up to the top flight in 2015.''

NMR: Inevitably I’ve got a question about your name Pastis too, because I’m guessing you’ve named yourself after a French liqueur rather than the savoury baked pastry delicacy favoured in the South West regions of the UK?

''Yes, it’s the crooked anise liquor. It’s not a very common drink in Finland, but when we were coming up with a name we noticed that more than one of us had had memorable pastis-fuelled adventures. Pastis is something classy and delightful but if you don’t watch out, it will smack you off your feet!''

NMR: So you have a new single out this week called ‘Stars and Marmalade’, it’s a classic indie anthem style song with some lovely lines in the lyrics. Can you tell us about it?

''Markus finally bought a Mellotron he had been drooling over for years, so like kids on Christmas morning we spent days trying all sorts of sounds and tricks with it. Most of the stuff did not make the final version, but lots of that cheerful childish excitement can be heard on the track. Markus was also into the Paddington movies while writing the lyrics.''

NMR: So erm.... what’s your favourite type of Marmalade?


NMR: As I understand it, ‘Stars and Marmalade’ is the 1st track from your next album, how is that progressing? Is it mostly written or recorded yet?

''Emil has something like 30+ songs in his catalog, we just have to pick the ones we record. Or write even better ones, who knows. The covid-situation has hit very hard on the indie music industry as the gigs and festivals have been cancelled for many months, so how to to fund the album is still unclear. We’ll find a solution though, whether it means doing it with a shoestring budget or robbing a bank.''

NMR: I heard a rumour that you might have been doing some of the recording in the UK, is that right and how did that come about?

''True story. Kalle and Markus went over to the big smoke to see Fontaines DC. One thing led to another and they ended up laying down the drum tracks and some synths too.''

NMR: Your debut album ‘Circles’ is one of my most listened to albums of 2019, timeless indie guitar songs with influences from across the decades, was that style of song always your intention?

''I don’t believe we ever intended to do anything else than to stay genuine. If we’d re-record ‘Circles’ now it would probably come out quite different! Change is good. Class album though, we’re happy with it.''

NMR: So is there anyone other Finnish bands you recommend our readers check out, or maybe for us to write about?


NMR: And finally back to Pastis, so when the lockdowns have ended and live gigs have started, do you have any plans for live dates or festivals? Will we be able to tempt you to the UK, or is that a bit unrealistic for now?

''We’d love to, we had a show in Berlin cancelled because of the lockdown, so we definitely look forward to boarding the plane and returning to the UK and Europe!''

Thanks for your time today. Good luck with the new single!

You can find the band on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you spot this early enough on Wednesday 29th then look out for a 'takeover' they're doing with the lovely people at JaJaJa on their Instagram page.


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