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Pelicat - 'The Other Side' (single)

I’ve written about Norwegian band Pelicat a few times, most notably when they released their self titled debut album early last year, an offering which found its way into our Albums of the Year list. As a 4 piece indie guitar band they may not have the most original of sounds, but they write really timeless indie songs that good for any circumstances – and particularly useful for playlists.

The good news is that they’re busy writing material for a new album, yet to be recorded and without any specific timescales, but with the restrictions of the current virus the band thought they would do something slightly different, so they’ve recorded a brand new song not as a band, but instead with each person in isolation from the others.

The theme of the song, ‘The Other Side’ has a similar sentiment to it, of ‘’parting ways on the wrong terms, when you don’t know when you’ll see your friend or loved one again’’ and it has a nice, simple melodic vibe, maybe with the feeling of a b-side to an extent, but I think it works well as an intermediate release, and as a band wanting to experiment and do something a little different.

This is ‘The Other Side':

I’m guessing it’ll be a little while before the next album gets recorded, so in the meantime you can visit them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


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