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  • Harri

Phogg 🇸🇪 - 'CENTRE PIÈCE' (Album)

Straight up from Stockholm, psych-pop band Phogg released their new album CENTRE PIÈCE last month —and all of its ten songs are exactly what I want playing to the soundtrack of the perfect coming-of-age film about an angsty girl who lives in the era of iPods but prefers playing her music on vinyl. Now I know that sounds oddly specific (because it is) but for some reason, the opening track ‘Keep Up’ reminds me of Sing Street’s 'Riddle of the Model' - which should be the reason why I liken the album to an indie teen movie.

Anyway I'd suggest that they’ve become even more playful on this latest album compared to their previous releases, which were favourably reviewed in Nordic Music Review. Fellow Phogg fans would agree that CENTRE PIÈCE sounds fairly familiar, yet incredibly fresh sounding at the same time: giving a beautiful patchwork of pop and rock without slipping away from their signature psych/prog sound. It’s quite amazing to see how far the boys have gone in the evolution of music and the direction they’re headed, and I say this as someone who has been listening since 'Get Away (Secret Dream)' in 2018.

Three songs in the album have definitely made their way into my heart: the first track ‘Keep Up’, ‘Loua Loua Loua’ and its very catchy phrases and melody, and my favorite ‘I Get It.’

'I Get It’, starts off with a strong traditional rock feel with all the drums and electric guitar dominating the sound, and then develops into a mellow slick-and-chilled ending—a very fitting finish to an album that makes you put on your dancing shoes and headbang to at the same time.

I think it is an understatement to say that Phogg has outdone themselves this time, and I’m genuinely excited for whatever tricks (and treats) this Swedish indie act has got up their sleeves for their next release.

I don’t know about you, but I’m spending the rest of my day grooving to CENTRE PIÈCE until my own body beats me.

You can check Phogg out on Facebook, and Instagram to keep updated on upcoming gigs, releases, and music.


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