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Power Paladin 🇮🇸 - ‘With the Magic of Windfyre Steel’ (album)

No review tonight, having been struck down with a non Covid type lurgy that means my patience and concentration is even less than normal.

So given I haven’t featured any ‘Metal‘ genre related music for a couple of weeks, just a chance to point you in the direction of a new album by Icelandic ‘Power Metal’ band Power Paladin, who used to be called Paladin apparently, until they realised that the name didn’t really tell the full story of just how loud and powerful they actually were.

Now I can’t deny that the genre of music isn’t really my thing, but I do want to cover as many different albums as possible, and this has been getting great reviews. And I have really enjoyed listening to ’With The Magic of Windfyre Steel’ today, the scale, sound and relentless barrage of guitars and drums is pretty impressive. Highlights for me include 'Righteous Fury', Evermore (which even shows a a subtle side in the opening) and ‘Creatures of the Night’, which has this quite incredible animated video alongside it - created apparently by students at Melbourne University.

You can find them on Facebook and Instagram.


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