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Punomo 🇫🇮 - ‘Punomo’ (album)

I have a number of albums to cover this week, with a couple of reviews half written, so tonight just a really quick mention of an album that I came across via the excellent ‘One Chord To Another’, the Finnish music website which I have huge respect for given that it has existed since before the mists of time itself.

Punomo are a ‘retro soul’ band from Turku, often featured in NMR thanks mainly to the excellent Indie band The Stillwalkers, who also hail form the same city. I love the description that Punomo have on their Spotify page which describes that they’re “as if you just found a dusty vinyl at a flea market... and thought, wow, I didn’t know they made soul music in Finland in the 60s and 70s”.

Lovely sentiment, and their music really does sound like that, and whilst I clearly don’t get the lyrical content of their self titled album as it’s in Finnish, the music just feels so natural that I wouldn’t want to hear it any differently. Highlights to me include the bright ’Juokse vaan‘, the particularly retro ‘Siskot’ and the expansive and almost euphoric sounding ‘Kiiltokuvii’.

The album has been getting some great coverage in music publications across Finland, and these guys clearly have some fantastic musicians in their collective, so we’re delighted to try and give it some brief international coverage.

They can be found on Facebook or Instagram.


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