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Ragnar Ægir 🇮🇸 - ‘I’m At Home’ (single)

Is it over? Has it come home? Thankfully it’s less than 2 weeks to the greatest sporting spectacle of all, and I’m counting down the days. In the meantime we have great selection of new Nordic music to feature.

I’ll start with true Icelandic indie musician Ragnar Ægir, who has also been considering all things ‘home’ in his new track ‘I’m At Home’. Now based in Germany the track was conceived around his love of his homeland, and the hurt he felt from being apart from it during lockdown.

As he explains “Landing at an airport and knowing you have a 5-hour drive to get home isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. But getting to see all these amazing places on the drive back through Iceland is an incredibly refreshing feeling, and gives me and my family a newfound energy and inspiration”.

I do know the feeling given I’m hours from my ‘home’ village, and of course Ragnar Ægir expresses this in typically Icelandic style, with warm melodies that remind me of fellow countrymen Red Barnett, MonoTown and maybe even some of Biggi Hillmars old projects.

There a fluidity to his song, upbeat and positive, almost carefree in its intent, and that’s matched by a video which is due out soon, and which of course given the lyrical content has the perfect excuse to showcase Iceland in all its beauty.

Lovely warm songwriting, expressive musical performance and I’m already looking forward to that video. Who needs football?

Find him on Facebook and Instagram.


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