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Rami Vierula - 'Älä Mene Liian Kauas' (video)

It’s probably not possible to get a bigger contrast between the extravagance of YOHIO and Finnish musician Rami Vierula, but I have a huge amount of time for both of them – although instinctively I’m far more often drawn towards the lo-fi musical charms of the (former) Delay Trees and 23:23 songwriter.

More recently he’s written in his native language, and today he has quietly released a new track which is entitled ‘Älä Mene Liian Kauas", which possibly can be translated to ‘Don’t Go Too Far’. I realise I probably lose a little of the effect due to not being word perfect in any Finnish, but there is that unmistakeable warmth in his songwriting that I’ve heard so many times. Yes it’s still a little sad sounding, but I always find his music quite uplifting, with a reassuring quality to it – it’s as if ‘Rami knows'.

Lyrically I have tried to translate, but was probably misinterpret it if I quote, so I’ll instead leave the Finnish speakers to enjoy the full effect of the song, and the non Finnish speakers to appreciate the gentle power of the music alone, alongside the video.

The song is from an EP entitled 'Kasetilla', which will be out in June via Bandcamp.

Find him on Facebook and Bandcamp.


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