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Rami Vierula - 'Hiljaisuuden Takana' (video)

I’m not sure which artists we’ve featured the most at Nordic Music Review, it doesn’t really matter I guess anyway, but it’s likely that Finnish songwriter Rami Vierula is probably the artist who’s been fortunate / unfortunate (delete as appropriate) enough to receive more coverage than anyone.

The former Delay Trees frontman (still doesn’t feel quite right saying ‘former’), 23:23 songwriter and solo artist just released a new video to the track ‘Hiljaisuuden Takana’ (Beyond the Silence) which initially we wrote about in 2018 when he released his charming solo album ‘Ikuinen yö’.

It was a track that really struck me at the time, partly because of the lovely instrumental and piano section – although I guess it is entirely written in Finnish, so maybe I was drawn to the bits I understood. Anyway he’s now released a video, courtesy of his ”friend and visionaire extraordinaire Laura Sarasoja“. He asked her originally to make the video 2 years back, and it’s been released in typical Rami style – no fanfare, no press releases, just sent out with love.

Laura Sarasoja has pieced the video together imaginatively and with lots of care too, with clips of footage that involve, amongst other things, fish, bees, bugs, a badminton shuttlecock and a poor lost worm.

Take a look here:

In a way it's lovely that the video took 2 years to produce, because it shows it was never forgotten, a genuine visual accompaniment to the song that was completed, I suspect, as a labour of love.

But don't worry I won't be resurrecting my half completed 'Of Monsters and Men' album review from 2 years ago, because in order to so I'd have to listen to it again.

Don’t forget to check out Rami’s most recent EP, which you can buy on Bandcamp, along with that previous album. Or find him on Facebook.


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