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Recommend Albums Last Week (12/02/2024): My Life Story 🇬🇧, Flight Mode 🇳🇴, Antti Autio 🇫🇮, Birds are Better 🇳🇴

I'm a week behind. Anyway, no reviews, just the recommended albums from last week.

It's a huge welcome back for My Life Story, responsible for one of the best gig nights of my life, and sounding as wonderful as ever in new album 'Loving You is Killing Me' .

I came across Norwegian indie band Flight Mode I think courtesy of Silja from Indiefjord a couple of years ago, and the melodic and easy to love 'The Three Times' is a triumph of a debut, look out for March UK gigs in Brighton, Norwich and London. I've featured a few tracks from Finnish artist Antti Autio on our playlist, and the album 'Täällä sinua kaivataan' ('I Miss you Here') is definitely worth a listen, whilst previous.y featured Birds are better (Stian Fjelldal) has released a beautiful album, as expected, in 'The Island - Part One'.

Also from a few weeks ago I can't deny that 'Wall of Eyes' by the Thom Yorke / Jonny Greenwood / Tom Skinner combination in The Smile is pretty phenomenal.

My Life Story - 'Long You is Killing Me'

Flight Mode - 'The Three Times'

Antti Autio - 'Täällä sinua kaivataan'

Birds are Better - 'The Island (Part 2)'

The Smile - 'Wall of Eyes'

More again next week.


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