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Recommended Albums this Week (07/02/2024): Penniless 🇫🇮, Hafdis Huld 🇮🇸, Feber 🇳🇴, Mall Girl 🇳🇴, NewDad 🇮🇪.

It's been a particularly good week for Nordic albums I think, starting with one that came courtesy of the excellent One Chord to Another, the essential online guide to Finnish (and world) music. Penniless (previously 'The Penniless People of Bulgaria') have released the excellent 'Ego Catastrophe', an album that I'm still only scratching the surface of, but that is probably my favourite Finnish long play release since The Stillwalkers.

The new Hafdis Huld release 'Darkest Night' was expected, and it's a lovely album, at times thought provoking and even fragile lyrically, yet immensely enjoyable musically, with gorgeous melodies and and flowing instrumentation.

Inge Bremnes and Helle Larsen combine as Feber, who we featured last year, and who offer their unique brand of folk pop Nordic noir in 'Can I Have Some Adult Supervision', a mix of the melancholy and quirky.

Norwegian band Mall Girl have released 'Pure Love', an interesting mix of indie rock, folk, pop, math rock style influences, and it's an album that's really grown on me, whilst in the non Nordic world I've loved the debut release from Irish dream pop / shoegaze band NewDad, which is entitled 'MADRA' - their UK tour looks to be entirely sold out.

Penniless - 'Ego Catastrophe'

Hafdis Huld - 'Darkest Night'

Feber - 'Can I Get Some Adult Supervision'

Mall Girl - Pure Love

NewDad - 'MADRA'

More next week. I haven't even got to Flight Mode yet.


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