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Remington super 60 (Norway): ‘Talk with you’ (single from EP ‘Nouvelle Nouveau’)

Shoegaze and Dream Pop aren’t always my thing but who would not be attracted to a band in which the founder is influenced by as diverse a motley crew as Burt Bacharach, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, the Velvet Underground and New Order?

They aren’t a new band, having been founded over 20 years ago and they have turned up in NMR on several previous occasions. They have their own label now, Café Superstar Recordings. Why they would want to name themselves after a vintage electric razor is beyond me. Presumably, just as Victor Kiam liked the Remington shaver his wife bought him so much that he bought the company, so the band decided they’d acquire a label. As you do.

That founder is Christoffer Schou, who also writes and produces music for commercials and film, most of his music featuring members from Remington super 60. And that’s the first impression I got from ‘Talk with you’, that it could from be a film score, let’s say one of those scenes where Bond is strolling along the beach on some exotic Caribbean island, sipping his vodka martini with his leading lady in her scanty bikini on his arm, completely unaware she’s about to be erased by Goldfinger or Kananga. Or the latest misfit, misplaced, bumbling Brit cop is doing the same with one of the local totty at Caroline’s bar in Saint Marie in ‘Death in Paradise’.

There’s something about both ViVii and the Ghost of Helags about them as well, especially in that smooth palm-swaying vocal. Pardon me while I fix myself a Piña Colada.

The song is also a part of a seven track EP called 'Nouvelle Nouveau' the band is releasing today, Friday March 19th.

The group has had some line-up changes during its life and today features Magnus Abelsen and Elisabeth T, in addition to Christoffer Schou. The band has released several albums and EPs on various indie labels around the world, and appeared on numerous compilation albums since its inception.

Find them on Facebook and Instagram. And you can find the new EP on Bandcamp too.

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