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Revolt - 'Kyoto' (single)

We haven’t featured young Norwegian rock band Revolt before, although their name does keep cropping up in different places. They released a well received album back in 2018 called ‘The Beautiful Decay’, and now they return with a blistering track entitled ‘Kyoto’.

To be honest I’ve never entirely been sure about the name Revolt, but maybe I need to understand more about what the band want to revolt about. Or what revolts them. But Revolt it is, and if they’re internationally famous the name will become irrelevant anyway.

I guess the interesting thing about these guys for now is that are so inconceivably young. They might be influenced by some big stadium scale rock bands of the 90’s, but somewhat irritatingly they weren’t actually born then. They originate from Molde apparently, which most of us in the UK will know from the football team and the 5 piece band have made a pretty sizable impression in the last couple of years – including a gig in London this Spring which was unfortunately cancelled.

‘Kyoto’ is just a huge sounding track, under 3 minutes of searing guitars with an anthemic chorus that was just made for a bigger stage. There’s some impressive dynamic switches too, with a stripped back middle section before chanted verses builds to a huge climax. Reading an interview with the guys it sounds like the lyrics were written by bassist Sigurd, and deals with ''the abuse of power and climate problems''.

So maybe I’m starting to understand a little more about hat this band stands for, and I think the sound has developed too from their debut album. ‘Kyoto’ is certainly a strong track.

Take a listen to 'Kyoto':

Hopefully they’ll make it to the UK for that gig soon, and we’d warmly encourage them to slip a Manchester date in too – it's worth it just for the cheaper beer guys.....

Find them on Facebook.


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