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Sätilä (Finland) - ‘Island’ (single)

Our NMR Spotify Playlist has definitely been due an update for a couple of weeks, and one track I was going to add was the new single ‘Island by Finnish Indie artist Sätilä.

He’s an interesting artist that I’ve come across before. Born and learning music from an early age in Finland, he spent time studying and living in Australia, before resettling in London. I’m sure those experiences have shaped his music, and it’s also clear that he’s been influenced by a variety of musical styles too, from mainstream pop to more alternative indie styles.

When I last listened to Sätilä he’d just released an EP entitled ‘on the verge of something’, which had a pleasing balance of synth pop, electronica and leftfield pop melodies, and it’s good to see that did pretty well, with inclusion on official Spotify playlists leading to impressive streaming levels and some radio airplay too.

But as good as it was, actually that EP was still a little bit too ‘mainstream’ leaning at times for my personal taste, whilst new song ‘Island’ has continued to grow on me, and shows a different side to his songwriting. Apparently influenced by a Mew concert he attended a few years back, it opens with electric guitar and expansive drumming that just gives it a big overall sound, yet it still has an anthemic indie / pop style melody infused into the chorus. But it’s the ending that I particularly like, when he brings it all together with those bright tunes and intense fuzzy guitars.

Definitely worth inclusion on the NMR playlist, which I’ll be updating on Sunday morning. And Sätilä will be releasing new material this Spring, which we look forward to taking a listen to.

Find him on Facebook and Instagram.


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