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Sarah Gardenvalley 🇳🇴 - ‘Early Heartbeats’ (EP)

Heavy and unflinching, 'Early Heartbeats' is Oslo-based singer/songwriter Sarah Gardenvalley’s latest EP released back in September 2022. Sarah tells us a story through every track, with the album’s central theme being young in love and everything else that comes with it. In my opinion, this EP might just be the anthem of the 'city girl breaks her heart and runs into the woods to live in a cottage to recuperate from the hurt' kind of era.

One thing that sets Sarah apart from everybody else with a “girl & guitar” arrangement is her somber yet pronounced voice, and it’s hard not to resonate with her music as soon as her strikingly deep vocals come rushing in. Not to mention, her well-arranged guitars and instrumentals are arranged so pristinely to make way for the real star of Sarah’s music: her lyrics and the story she has to tell.

My favorite song in the entire EP (which apparently is Sarah’s favorite as well) has got to be 'Falling'. To me, it’s the best-written Sarah Gardenvalley song in terms of lyrics. In this song, she tells about realizing how toxic a loved one can be, and although it may be hard, the best thing for both parties is to scrap this so-called “love” and just “run away from this madness.” 

At only 21, Sarah Gardenvalley has such a mature understanding of people and love, and this EP is a brilliant listen for those seeking to hear a story that makes them feel things.

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