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She’s a Sailor - ‘Some Space for Me’ (single)

We’ve always kept the updates coming on Danish indie pop band ‘She’s a Sailor’, and are never shy of mentioning that we first came across them way back in 2014 after discovering a couple of early demos on Bandcamp. They released their debut single ‘Beautiful’ in 2016, followed by an EP ‘Back from the Sky’, whilst their singles have rotated on Danish radio - although my personal favourite is the lesser played ‘Rain and Circus’.

Progress for the band has been slow but steady, as is often the case for ‘pure’ indie bands, but the good news is that their debut album has been recorded over the last couple of years, produced by Lars Skjærbæk (Boat Man Love and many more bands), and the 1st single from that is ‘Some Space For Me’.

The new song suggests that they’re producing a ‘bigger’ sound than those earlier releases, with less ‘baroque pop’ noticeable, but the key to their songs is still those big melodies, that ‘timeless’ approach to songwriting and tunes which takes influences from musicians such as David Bowie and Scott Walker – although the new sound hints at something closer to bands such as Keane. Nothing wrong with that of course, and Some Space For Me’ is another nice song to add to their collection.

Anyway it’s great to hear more ‘She’s a Sailor’ and we’ll no doubt be writing about the album, which looks like it will hit in the Autumn.

Find them on Facebook.


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