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  • David Bentley

SHY Martin (Sweden) - ‘Remember You Were the One’ (single)

When SHY Martin was here last month it was with a break-up song, albeit one with a twist. This time out the separation anxiety she experienced has gone, to be replaced by a more determined, empowered and self-respecting SHY. That doesn’t sound right does it; a contradiction in terms? You know what I mean.

She says,

“I feel like I‘ve become better at respecting myself and my energy during the last year, I’ve learnt to move away from situations and people that don’t make me happy. I’ve never been good at letting relationships go and as a songwriter I’ve always gone back to old relationships trying to figure out why they went wrong or if I could have done something differently to change the outcome. This song is the first one I’ve written about accepting it for what it is instead of dwelling on the past”,

Yes, there’s little mileage in dwelling on the past although that’s exactly what she did by going back to her roots and drawing inspiration from her teenage idols, such as Paramore and My Chemical Romance for this song.

It was produced by Zara Larsson’s musical director and in a way that may have rebounded on her. I preferred her previous single, ‘Break with me’, an acoustic track which had more in the way of melody. This one is just a little Zara-derivative and formulaic, and the male voice, which is de rigueur in songs like this, grates a bit though fortunately it’s only for a few seconds.

None of this will matter to her fans, who are probably mostly teenage girls, I’m sure. They can relate to her lyrics as they have done with countless ‘loved and lost’ female singers in the past and that’s really all that matters.

Find her on Facebook and Instagram.


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