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  • Andy

Silva Emilia 🇫🇮 - ‘Curious Minds’ (single)

Okay I admit I did get a little carried away in my Ocean of Lotion review yesterday, but actually that was the abridged version, I cut out the elephant joke for starters, and then there was the section about jetpacks.

So I'll keep it short today, a completely irrestitible track entitled 'Curious Minds' from young 18 year old Finnish songwriter Silva Emilia, who cropped up in our Indie playlists last year courtesy of a lovely debut entitled 'What if we could fly'.

Since then she's released 3 more tracks, with 'Curious Minds' the latest, written originally when she was just 16, which is phenomenal really, and obviously this is a 'developed' version of that original. It's just got this joyous excuberant spirit, outrageously catchy if slightly raw sounding and with fabulous lyrics: 'No-one really knows anything.... if there's no afterlife we've wasted our time with the questions of life'.

Just brilliant.

And what's so cool about this artist is that she's released a number of different styles of tracks as she develops her songwriting, and all of them are really clever and interesting.

Stay tuned.


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