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Simen Mitlid - 'Weeks' (feat. Tuvaband)

I guess we could all play the game of choosing dream collaborations between artists. Personally I’m still waiting for that Major Parkinson / Army of Moths super group. And whilst I may not have ever quite considered a Simen Mitlid / Tuvaband combo, actually the thought is pretty appealing, and they’ve obliged courtesy of Simen Mitlid's new single entitled 'Weeks', which features Tuva (from Tuvaband) as a guest vocalist. Just to go that tiny bit further in the ‘dream combo’ game, he’s even released a b-side featuring fellow NMR favourites Benedikt - you’re spoiling us Simen... We’ve featured Simen Mitlid a few times, ever since we listened to and loved his debut album ‘Everything is the Same’, and since that release in 2017 he’s been working on a follow up, recorded in his Norwegian hometown - incidentally that new album is to be entitled ‘Birds’ and will be released sometime this year.

‘Weeks’ is an almost horizontally laid back indie folk track, and the contribution from Tuva is subtly judged - it’s distinctly a Simen Mitlid track rather than a Tuvaband style song, if that makes sense. The familiar Sufjan Stevens style vocals are always soft on the year, with a gentle yearning melody, and I like in particular the slight build in instrumental support and dynamics for the section at the end.

We will, of course, bring you more details of that Simen Mitlid album ‘Birds’ when it’s released formally.

You can catch up with Simen Mitlid on Facebook or Twitter.


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