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Simona Vinternatt - 'I Dream of You’ (single)

I Dream of You’ is a track which, according to songwriter Simona Vinternatt, is ‘’perfect for a midnight drive’’, which begs the obvious question, who actually goes out on midnight drives, I thought that just happed in movies? But I like the idea, along with coming back from shopping with huge sticks of fresh French bread poking out from the top of paper bags.

So maybe ‘I Dream of You’ is a little escapist, but Simona Vinternatt has the type of vocals which will allow you to switch off from ‘real life’ completely, a dreamy charming style that is genuinely engaging – I liked them right from the opening of the track.

It’s the 5th single (I think) from the Swedish songwriter, who debuted with ’Into Me Too’ in 2018. Most of her songs are written in a contemporary, albeit slightly quirky, pop style. ‘Help Myself’, released last month, is a good example, and maybe she will be drawn in that direction commercially, but ‘I Dream of You’ has an indie pop feel, with a cute catchy melody which suits her voice so well. Ok so there’s some vocoder adjusted vocals, but everything here is pretty subtle – she’s definitely an artist that doesn’t need to turn up the volume.

Lyrically it’s simple enough, written she says ‘’for someone special… inspired by the fear of distance and longing for connection.’’ In that context, the song works perfectly. And although I suggested that there was a slightly escapist quality to it, she wrote it ''for a time when the whole world stops and we might realise what actually matters''.

So maybe we all need to escape, go on midnight drives, and buy the biggest French baguettes we can find.

Take a listen here:

You can find Simona on Facebook or Instagram.


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