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Single of the Week: Deadly Cliffs 🇳🇴 - ‘Lost in the Mail’

I’m not quite sure where to start after my enforced 2 week ‘virus break’, but I’ll offer up a quick ‘Single of the Week’ before I start working through the huge list of unread emails, Social Media submissions and industry feeds, and then get writing about some new albums.

Deadly Cliffs are a Norwegian duo that does result in slightly frightening flashbacks to a school band I was in with pretty music exactly the same name, but thankfully have a sizeably bigger helping of talent.

They describe themselves simply on Spotify as ‘Two unhinged guys, one deadly band’, but they actually consist of Vigard Wikne and the always busy Sondre Veland, joining together to record a series of tracks through the sheer frustration of a Covid lockdown.

I quite liked debut tracks ‘Do What Your Told’ and ‘Moskus’, but ‘Lost in the Mail’ really hits the mark, mixing catchy vocal tunes, thumping guitar riffs and the most extraordinary bursts of drumming, all sustained in close to 6 minutes of slightly leftfield rock / pop / prog. They maintain a healthy intensity throughout and it certainly doesn’t feel over long, just a good entertaining listen.

The Deadly Cliffs album will be released through Apollon sometime soon, I’m not necessarily expecting huge things from what sounds like quite a spontaneous project, but really looking forward to taking a listen.

Find them on Facebook and Instagram.


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