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Single of the Week: FLTY BRGR GRL 🇳🇴 - ‘Miserable’

I'm a week behind with this, so apologies to everyone, but it's very welcome return for our favourite garage pop duo FLTY BRGR GRL, who if I remember rightly were so named after one of the band found themselves eating what they could only describe as 'filthy burger' whilst over in the States.

Latest track 'Miserable' is described as a 'bratty garage pop anthem that captures the raw emotions of looking back on a failed relationship and feeling angry about it'. But actually, as always with this band, it's not really that 'bratty' (at least to me) because the honest and always straight forward lyrics allows us to always see things completely from their perspective. And the explanation from band member Beatrix is quite powerful, because she points out "I think anger gets a tough reputation. But really, it's about survival and giving yourself permission to feel angry for as long as you need to. It can be incredibly freeing". I really love this perspective.

Musically they take their influences from across eras, 60's pop, a distinct 80's vibe and a helping of 90's grunge, and 'Miserable' as the title suggests is pretty downbeat, capturing the restless, fraught mood in the lyrics ('I hope you're miserable too'), but it's also so instantly recognisable as FLTY BGR GRL, because the contrasts make it both edgy and yet entirely relatable - they always describes their music as a mix of 'cute and creepy'.

To accompany the song they've released the perfect video, which involves them smashing up a variety of stuff in a small room, thanks to a collaboration with Director Vibeke Heide - I have a feeling that when the idea was pitched, they wouldn't have taken much persuading to do it.

'Miserable' was produced by Marcus Anthony Calvert, and is taken from their forthcoming album 'Happily Ever Never', which wins Album Title of the Year before we've barely started. I can't wait to hear it.

Find them on Facebook and Instagram.


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