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Single of the Week: Inger Nordvik 🇳🇴 - ‘Go Back’

I've not written about Inger Nordvik previously, but she even sounds like the type of artist we should feature on these pages, and her gentle mix of pop and folk tunes are beautifully demonstrated in new track 'Go Back', the 2nd single from an album due for release next year.

We often feature artists who have trained classically, but then diversify into popular genres and Inger Nordvik is very much in that mould, having studied as a classical singer at the famous Barratt Due Institute in Oslo. Her debut album 'Time' was inspired by a period in Berlin, whilst her current album is being recorded back in Oslo.

So clearly she has a good pedigree, and I've enjoyed catching up with her previous releases. But latest track 'Go Back' I think shows how her songwriting has developed, piano led but with delicately constructed instrumentational support - glockenspiels and bells offering a floating, almost rippling accompaniment. It feels undoubtedly very Nordic, gently melancholic, but really appealing too.

Take a listen here:

We'll try and cover the album when it's released next year. Find her on Instagram.

Photo credit - Charles Mignot.


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