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Single of the Week: Major Parkinson 🇳🇴 - ‘Fantasia Me Now!’ + London & Chepstow gigs!

I've always contended that Major Parkinson could write pretty much whatever song they wanted, and I guess I've been waiting for years for that absolute banger of a pop hit to emerge. And here it is. After the monstrous complexity of their progressively influenced 2017 album 'Blackbox' there was no way they could do anything 'similar' after all and new album 'Valesa Chapter 1' (released this Friday) allows them to explore their pop sensibilities, yet delivered at a size and scale that only Major Parkinson could really ever achieve.

New single 'Fantasia Me Now!' is the boldest track to date from that new album, with an outrageously catchy tune and a perfect duet between vocalist Jon Ivar Kollbotn and the re-invented Peri Winkle (violinist / vocalist Claudia Cox). I love the contrasts between the vocals and the lyrics, with the typical dark humour and theatre that we always see from the band.

And there's even better news, because the UK are being treated by 2 Major Parkinson gigs next week, just over 4 years since they came and sold out their debut London gig on 'that night' at The Water Rats.

First they play the Summer Ends Festival in beautiful Chepstow on Friday 14th October, before they head back to London to play a headlining gig at Boston Music Room on Saturday 15th. Tickets for the Saturday night are going quickly, so secure yours now by pressing this button.

Summer Ends Festival looks lovely, would definitely like to stay there for a weekend next year. This year I'll just be heading there on the Friday night.

Find the band on Facebook, they'll also be playing dates in Oslo, Bergen and Copenhagen.


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