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Single of the Week: Mall Girl 🇳🇴 - Lilies’ Dew

Those of you that follow the Nordic Music Review Indie Playlist should be familiar with Mall Girl, a Norwegian band who’ve released an intriguing selection of singles in the lead up to their debut album which is due at the end of April.

They’re a 4 piece band who’ve been around since about 2018, with a steady single releases plus countless festival and live appearances in Norway, as well as in Sweden.

New track ‘Lilies‘ Dew’ is very typically Mall Girl, with catchy melodies interspersed with a barrage of electric guitar noise and frenetic drumming, in that post punk with tunes style that we feature a lot on these pages. They probably hate comparisons with Pom Poko so I won’t do that, and Mall Girl anyway have a really district sound, experimental instrumentation, whilst vocally and melodically offering something really interesting.

This is the video to ‘Lilies’ Dew’.

That album ‘Superstar‘ will be released on 29th April through Jansen Records. Find them on Instagram and Facebook.


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