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Single of the Week. Moddi 🇳🇴 - ‘Kom Heim’ (and tour)

I’ve found it very difficult to write anything these past 2 weeks, but you don’t need to read my badly written descriptions of albums, I should just point you in the direction of music I’ve found and let you discover it for yourself.

And maybe everyone could do with some Moddi in their life right now. Just 2 weeks before his new album and before he embarks on a tour which sadly doesn’t involve the UK (not that I blame him...) he’s released ‘Kom Heim’, and if that doesn’t mean ‘Come Home’ in English I really should go to the bottom of the class.

His tour stretches across Norway and I’d genuinely love to make a flying visit to some small beautiful place to see him perform, everywhere from the Tranøy Lighthouse in Hamarøy to the Beach Bar in Stokkøya sounds really lovely - maybe one day we could persuade him to play at the Nordic Church in Liverpool, not quite as scenic but the acoustics would match anywhere.

So yeah, not much of a review, but if you’re in Norway go see him play. Just make sure you have plenty of time on the parking meter, I think he’ll have a few things to say.

Oh and the albums called ‘Bråtebrann’ and it’s his first album with Norwegian lyrics since he released ’Kæm va du?‘ back in those happy days of 2013.

Full tour details on Facebook.


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