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Single of the Week: Sonic Løland 🇳🇴 - ‘Diamond Day’

It‘s that time of year when our favourite music festival, Indiefjord, start to announce their summer line-up (which already includes Tugboat Captain), and after two years absence due to Covid this year is set to be particularly special.

The organisers always have their finger on the pulse of the Norwegian and International Folk and Indie Pop music scene, but I’m not sure whether they’ve yet come across Sonic Løland, a songwriter who has released just 2 tracks so far, but has big plans given an album entitled ‘And Then The Sun Came Up’ is already planned for Autumn this year.

Interestingly it’s due to be released through Koke Plate, who are already responsible for a lovely collection of Norwegian artists and Indiefjord favourites, including much featured Benedikt, Ea Othilde and of course Simen Mitlid, and it was his music that I was reminded of as soon as I heard Sonic Løland.

’Diamond Day’ is a beautifully constructed and delicate track, with soft vocals and engaging instrumental support, with string arrangements gently infused into the track. Debut single ‘Up to You’, was equally appealing with a quirky melodic feel, and it definitely makes me wonder where Anders Løland, the musician behind Sonic, has been hiding all this time.

Anyway, I look forward to the album, which has been co-produced by none other than Hans Olaf Settem from Benedikt.

Find him on Instagram. And find Indiefjord here. Perhaps the two should get together sometime...

Credit for the excellent photo shot goes to Jonas Jeremiassen Tomter. I’m pretty sure this is him here.


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