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Single of the Week: Underground Witch Rock 🇫🇮 - 'Ghostwriter'

I promised I wouldn't do Singles of the Week, or in fact cover any singles in depth this year, but Finnish band Underground Witch Rock have inspired me to maybe introduce a weekly feature - I’ll stick to writing something very brief.

They're a Helsinki based band who actually released an EP entitled 'Water Talk' back in 2017, and since then seem to have been mostly focussing on the writing and recording of a debut album, which according to social media should be ready for release this year - these things always take time of course.

Mixing hazy psychedelia with dreamy attractive melodies, the opening of new song 'Ghostwriter' gave me such initial (latter day) Cardiacs vibes that it wrapped me in the biggest comfort blanket of musical warmth. A substantial song at over 5 minutes, it really gives you a chance to get totally immersed in the sound too, it’s a really impressive song.

Look forward to the album later this year. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.


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