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Single of the Week: Vince Chinaski - ‘She Comes in Colours’

We seem to be averaging about 50 new single submissions a week, about 15-20 make it on to the playlist, and just 1 gets a few extra words as my Single of the Week. Then it’s back to Album and EP’s features for the rest of the week.

And that playlist this week does feel slightly more commercial and highly produced feel than normal with the likes of MO, Royksopp and AURORA, which is probably why my ears were turned by this rather wonderfully shambolic sounding track by Danish based (but Italian born) Vince Chinaski - a new artist to Nordic Music Review.

Of course that doesn’t entirely sound complimentary, but he described ‘She Comes in Colours’ himself as a ‘crooner-folk ballad, a seesawing waltz, played by a groggy band in a grungy saloon‘, which is very helpful given I really can’t think of a better way to describe it.

The rickety sounding instrumentals contrast nicely with Chinaski’s timeless vocals, and the whole effect is quite heart warming. I’m certainly drawn towards his unusual approach to songwriting, his debut track ‘Never Painted Black’ was an interesting jazz tinged curiosity too, so there’s all kinds of influences there.

You can also find it next to that lovely Jonas Lundvall track from last week on the Nordic Music Review Playlist here.

You can find Vince on Facebook, Instagram and the cesspit of Twitter.


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