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Singles of the Week: BEAR THE ANT, Black Light White Light, Olle Lundgren, Figenstang.

I genuinely can’t decide what to chose as my Single of the Week this week, as there’s a few tracks worthy of a more detailed explanation. So here’s 4 aimed at chilling you out on a stressful Monday.

Black Light White Light 🇸🇪 🇩🇰 - ‘Epilepsy’

It’s been a few years since I wrote about Swedish / Danish band Black Light White Light, the project initially created by musician Martin Ejlertsen, but new track ‘Epilepsy’ is actually their 1st song for 4 years. It’s written about his daughters Epilepsy and was released on International Epilepsy Day (14th Feb) - I’d have written a special feature if I’d have found it on day of release. Anyway I like Black Light White Light, with their blend of shoegaze and psychedelic influences, and ‘Epilepsy’ is easy going musically, but lyrically hits home with words that describe the moment that his daughter has a seizure: ”when you’re closing your eyes… my love for you strikes even harder”.

BEAR THE ANT 🇮🇸 - ‘Higher Times’

The sheer wealth of new artists continually emerging out of Iceland always amazes me, but at least half of BEAR THE ANT does have ‘form’, with producer and drummer David Antonsson also being the drummer of the excellent Kaleo. I know less about the other half, singer and guitarist Bjorn Oli Hardarson, but together they’ve popped up with something quite special, a laid back track entitled ‘Higher Times’, which opens with quite a mainstream sounding melody, but the whole song is wrapped in this gentle psychedelic atmosphere. It shouts ‘don’t go to work today, just chill‘.

Olle Lundgren 🇸🇪 - ‘Midsummer, Fireflies’

I‘ve included Swedish (but London based) songwriter Olle Lundgren on the Indie playlist previously, and his new track ‘Midsummer, Fireflies’ might be the most inappropriately titled song to write about in the midst of the biggest storms I can ever remember, but it’s a really beautifully written song, with delicate guitar picking and the most gorgeous brass arrangements (courtesy of Edward Burfield) accompanying the mellow vocals, which also set out thoughtful lyrics that demonstrate his love of 20th century poetry.

Figenstang 🇩🇰 - ‘I’ll Sleep for the Night’

I had a huge list of new tracks to listen to on Friday night, and this new one from Danish songwriter Figenstang just leapt out at me, even though I knew nothing about the artist, Turns out that behind the name is 17 year old musician Josephine Bui and ‘I‘ll Sleep for the Night’ is her debut, an evidently lo-fi / bedroom pop produced release. Despite those obvious production limitations this a good debut, the vocals have such a natural, chilled indie vibe about them that makes them instantly appealing, and the track has a meandering melancholy melody which fits todays theme of easy going music to distract us from the stresses of daily life. Work in progress obviously, but a lovely talent and I’m delighted to introduce her.

Maybe just one Single of the Week next week. Tomorrow we’ll be back to Album / EP Reviews. Hopefully.


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