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Singles of the Year - Andy’s selection

The 2nd instalment of our Singles of the Year (here's the 1st from David) takes us to all the Nordic nations and has a healthy mix of musical styles, literally from stage musical to post punk and rock, and a few folk influenced songs too.

Of course it’s pretty much impossible to narrow it down to such a shortlist, and there are some really personal choices on the list such as Songs for Swimming and NAYAD, which just got inside me for reasons I almost can’t explain – maybe songs that fit 2020.

As is often the case with my choices, this does have a real ‘indie’ feel, with tracks from some artists and bands that maybe don’t quite get as much attention – because that’s simply the music I listen to - day in day out, at home, out running on the trails and whilst commuting.

Equally of course there was a collection of singles that I really like that didn’t quite make it, including Treemer, Siv Jakobsen, Pastis, Simona Vinternatt and Love Sport. I’m sorry there wasn’t room for everyone.

Don’t forget our Albums of the Year list, which with traditional Yuletide sluggishness will be published between Christmas and New Year.

KO:MI – ‘I’ll Find My Own Way

Talitha Ferri – ‘Home

Melpo Mene – ‘Get a Rocket

The School Book Depository (featuring Helena Lindsten) – ‘Sunny Disposition

FVRMind – ‘Onto You

Songs for Swimming – ‘Yellow Fall’

NAYAD – ‘Holy Lakes (Dusk)

Hellhounds – ‘Velour

I See Rivers – ‘Dying Moon

Lillith – ‘Beautiful Dreamers

Mauv – ‘Goodbye Friend

This Heel – Giant Cat Face

Petter Carlsen – ‘Dogs

Ceasetone (ft Axel Flovent) – ‘Creatures of the Night

The Bunkers – ‘Offside

3) Major Parkinson (ft Los Alimitos Sound FX) – ‘Solitary Home’.

Norwegian alternative rock outfit Major Parkinson outrageously combine with probably the best youth showchoir in the world, with a brilliant remake of their ‘Solitary Home’ track. Los Alimitos Sound FX pull the whole thing off with great energy, and the arrangements are breathtaking throughout, so full credit to Josh Green for that, as well as Sara Michelle Mislang for the lead vocals and the rest of the Majors for overseeing the whole thing.

2) Red Barnett – ‘Astronaut’

According to Spotify this was my most listened to track of 2020, flowing melodic indie rock from the Icelandic band that have more than a hint of Monotown in their sound. Halli Sveinbjörnsson’s project recorded their album at Rockfield Music Studios in Wales, and the lead single from their new album is simply a stunning track.

1) Pom Poko – ‘Like A Lady‘

I just love this band more and more, and ‘Like A Lady’ is the best out of a series of blistering tracks they released last year. Thumping guitars, brilliant contrasts in sound and an addictive melody, there really aren’t many bands that can do what these guys do. We’ll see them in the UK next year I’m sure.

We'll be updating our Nordic Indie playlist with all these (and David's) tracks shortly, and don't forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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