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  • David Bentley

Skott – ‘My Name’ (focus single from album ‘Always Live for Always’)

Sweden’s Skott released her debut album, ‘Always live for always’ on 26th June, a couple of weeks later than scheduled. We covered a previous single, ‘Talk about me’, back in April and observed that she has had support from the likes of Katy Perry and Lorde, has herself physically supported big-name artists like MØ on stage, has racked up millions of streams and crafts teenage pop songs appropriate in particular to the North American market.

This ‘focus single’ from the album is something of a variation, based around, after an ethereal beginning, a robust drumbeat and later a trumpet played in a mournful, almost spaghetti western style. I haven’t heard such a strong beat coming out of Sweden since Anna von Hausswolff’s ‘Mountains Crave’.

We’ve put the official YouTube video in here because she had an innovative one for the previous single and hasn’t disappointed here. It’s almost disturbing in a way. Whenever I see a dark and long-haired girl on a loop on a TV screen I think she’s going to crash through it at any moment like Samara Morgan in ‘The Ring’ and it gets more surreal as it goes on, with the dancing lips. She lived in a small Swedish community similar to the one in that film, with even its own language. Makes you think ‘Amish’. And that prowling big cat on top of the TV is right out of ‘The League of Gentlemen.’

The lyrics are a little disturbing, too. She says, "This song celebrates the power of your own name turning it almost into an enchantment. The lyrics revolve around a broken relationship from the past, and now this name's out there haunting the person who can't escape the memories or hurt they might have caused. It is a twisted break up anthem - empowering but with a darker side to it.”

The lyrics are dark at times. “You had the best of me/ Do you remember what it's like?/ My name is haunting you/ You cannot run from what you've done.” Which prompts the question, just what has been ‘done’ to her? Was she killed?

Probably not but that there is even the merest suggestion of that is testimony to her skill as a songwriter.

And she started her own record label, 'Dollar Menu' in order to record her album without compromising her ‘creative vision’.

The song could perhaps be a little longer than three minutes and be fleshed out with another verse but there’s no criticism there.

I suspect there’s the genesis of a genuine future talent here and judging from the comments to the video she’s attracting fans from all over the world.

Find her on Facebook or Instagram.


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